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I'm Huy Nguyen - a passionate User Experience Designer​

Selected Works

Navi Buddy
Navi Buddy, the parking and navigation assistant to help users find spot in the crowd.Navi Buddy quickly guides you to nearby parking no matter the occasion or location.
Sam's Club Exit Experience
The service design project which radically re-imagined exit's experience for Sam's Club members.
Techcombank F@st Mobile App
Techcombak app users has been increasing significantly, the necessity and significance of redesigning the Techcombank F@st Mobile App are needed to deliver excellent customer service and satisfaction.
Texas Growth Interactive Map
Texas interactive map shows the impacts on housing price, rent and population in 3 biggest cities of Texas from 2016 - 2021.


Product Designer base in Dallas, Texas. Experiencing the variety of everyday things, I often see the possibilities for their improvements and analyze their current design.

As the time came through, I found out the enjoyment of the way things are built and run. Solving logical and systematic problems is my ultimate goal in life.


University of North Texas


Master of Science

Information System

Master of Art

Interaction Design

Turku University of Applied Science


Bachelor of Engineering

Game Development

Working Experience

University of North Texas

9/2022 - 5/2024

Product Designer


5/2022 - 8/2022

Product Designer

Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters - HIPPY TEXAS

4/2021 - 12/2021

User Experience Designer


5/2019 - 8/2020

Product Designer


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